From October 8th to 12th, the bilingual students from classes 9a and 9b travelled together with their teachers Mr. van Well, Ms. Kreuzberger, Ms.Honnes and Mr. Werner to Eastbourne, England.

Although the class trip was five days, we actually spent three days in England. It took us 13 hours to get to there. We made day trips to Eastbourne, London and Brighton. Luckily, we had beautiful warm weather on all our trips.
On Monday morning we started our trip to England by coach and we finally arrived in Calais, France in the afternoon. After border-control officers had checked our ID-cards, we boarded the ferry ten minutes later. The ferry was quite huge. We cruise took 90 minutes until we arrived in England. As we had got on an earlier ferry we were too early to see our host families. So we took the chance to make a stop in Hasting, a neighbour city of Eastbourne. Although it was a bit windy, we enjoyed our time at the beach and finally arrived in Eastbourne at the meeting point at around 7.30pm. Everybody was excited when our host families picked us up and took us to our accommodation.
On Tuesday morning we started our trip to Eastbourne. There was a guided bus tour through Eastbourne followed by a rally. Eastbourne belongs to the most beautiful cities I have ever been to. We also spent some time at the pier. Finally, we had a (very long) coastal walk. Although everybody was tired afterwards it was worth it because we had such an amazing view at the coast.
The following day we went to London. London is three hours away from Eastbourne. Unfortunately, we were too late to join our tour in the Dungeon (a horror house). Luckily, we could finally enter the Dungeon. Although I was really scared it was funny, because in the end you are laughing about yourself that you got so scared. After that we visited some typical sights like London Eye, Big Ben, SkyGarden (the view was fantastic), Buckingham Palace, Green Park and Oxford Street. Finally, we took the Tube eastbound back to the O2 Area, after we had been shopping in Oxford Street.
On the third day we had our trip to Brighton, another town at the seaside. We went to the "Royal Pavillion" and half of the students had to do a rally in this historical building. In Brighton, we had a lot of free time. Therefore, we went with two other students or more through Brighton. Students who wanted to see something of the city went to see the pier. A big shopping centre was the highlight for those who liked to buy clothes from big clothing labels. In the afternoon, we went bowling. Tired, but happy we went to bed in the evening.
In my opinion the time passed too fast and on Friday morning we departed from Eastbourne. The nice weather ended with our departure. Unfortunately, the trip on the ferry wasn't enjoyable for everyone, because of the strong wind. No wonder that everybody was happy when we were back on land und finally, after a couple of hours, we arrived in Siegburg.
In fact, our trip to England was beautiful and very impressive. Although there were some problems and a windy cruise by ferry, everybody enjoyed the days.

Text und Foto: Celina Burger 9a