During our class trip to England we stayed five days in host families in Eastbourne in the South of England. Eastbourne is a seaside resort at the English Channel in East Sussex. With a population of 102,000, it is the second largest city in the county. In the town of Eastbourn there is actually almost everything from many different restaurants, many shops for clothes to a beautiful long beach and old houses. In my opinion, you can also find your way around the city relatively quickly, because it is not so excessively large. There is also a large shopping centre in Eastbourn where you can, for example, select your facourite sweets yourself and put them together in a sweets bag.
On our second day of the class trip we visited the Seven Sister Cliffs. The Cliffs got their name because of the seven distinct hilltops that comprise the silhouette of the cliffs. The bright white colour of the stone is thanks to the abundance of chalk that makes up most of the cliff’s face. The tour was very beautiful especially because you had a perfect view over the hilly land and the sea of Eastbourne. In addition to that you had a very wide view over the whole natural scenery. Although it was very windy it luckily did not rain so we could end the tour properly. The wind was so fast you could lean against him and he would carry you. At the middle of the tour we took a break at a little snack bar before we continued. On the last half of the way we crossed a little farm house. Then finally after about two hours we arrived at the bus which took us back to our host families. On the ride back we also had a beautiful view over the skyline of Eastbourne. All in all it was a very recommendable tour with a very pretty insight into the natural side of Eastbourne.


On our trip to London there were many impressive things to see. Our day started very early because of the traffic. Even though we were a little late we still had enough time to have a great day in London. There were five different tours that we could choose from in advance according to the interests of the students. Each group consisted of two teachers and roughly twenty students. One group for example went to the London Eye to see all the different sights from above while other groups visited shooting locations of the Harry Potter Movie series in a guided tour or Shakespeare`s Globe Theatre. What I noticed is that London has great and diverse architecture. On one corner you can see a big new modern skyscraper and then underneath it there's an old library. Also the people are dressed very well and they are indeed cool. On Oxford Street there was an alley with a café and the Nike Town Building. As I was buying some food there were some teens who where skateboarding and I asked them for a picture and they immediatly treated me as if I was from London too and were super nice. Adding to that is that the British are very polite people so make sure you always say “please” and “thank you” – if you do so they will gladly return the kindness and will welcome you with open arms.

On the fourth day of our stay in England we took the bus to Brighton. Brighton was about 56 miles from our home in Eastbourne. Brighton is located at the coast south of London and has 273,400 inhabitants. When we arrived in Brighton, we had a long time to visit the city in groups. First, my group and I found a shopping center with many shops that did not exist in Germany. First, we rummaged in the shops that you won’t find like that in Germany. Then we split up into two groups. The first group went shopping and my two friends and I wanted to eat something first and went into a waffle shop - and found what they were looking for! When we entered the waffle shop, we were so surprised, because we had never seen such a thing in Germany, except in movies. The shop was completely American-style and had three floors. We sat on the second floor and made our orders. When we got our waffles, we started eating and no one said they were all focused on the waffles. But then we had to hurry, because we had only 30 minutes left and wanted to take some photos at the coast. Therefore, we hurried to the coast and looked for a nice place for the pictures. After 15 minutes we almost forgot the time and ran to the meeting place, which was in front of the entrance of the Royal Pavilion. When we entered the Royal Pavilion, we received audio equipment that told a story in each room, which I found very interesting. The Royal Pavilion was very luxurious both outside and inside. There were a total of about 20 rooms, if I remember correctly. Each of these rooms was special. When we were done with the visit to the Royal Pavilion, we met again at the entrance and took the bus together in the bowling hall to Eastbourne. I liked Brighton very much. There were so many opportunities to go shopping, have dinner and just have fun. I would like to return to Brighton.

Zita Knapp, Zine Coskun, Ben Exius, Paul Meyer-Plate (all 9c)