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Unser Anno-Bistro

On our two trips to London we went for example to Covent Garden and Greenwich. Here we visited the famous sights but we had freetime too. Also we went on a trip to Brighton where we saw the Royal Pavilion, which was amazing if you ask me. I
In Eastbourne we went on a hike alongside the white cliffs. The hike was amazing. We were quite tired when we reached the top of the cliff but the view was incredible. I liked Eastbourne because the pier was very beautiful. All in all I really liked the whole trip – it was a great and unique experience!

The boarder and ferry voyage

London Eye1When we arrived at the ferry we needed to wait for the border-control officers. There were fences everywhere and we also saw some refugees. They lived next to the street in tents. Many police officers looked after them. After about 40 minutes we had to show the ID-card. Somebody from our class forgot his ID-card in the bus but about ten minutes later we boarded the ferry.

The ferry was quite huge and we had to stay for about 90 minutes. It was very hot on the ferry. When we arrived in Dover it took us one more hour to get to Eastbourne. All in all the journey was ok.


Eastbourne was the city where we lived in our hostfamilies. On the first day we visited Eastbourne city centre. There we did a rallye but it was not very interesting. Therefore we went to the pier, which includes a building on a long white and wooden footbridge – unfortunately it was partly destroyed by a fire. There we bought souvenirs and ate the famous fish and chips. That was sooo delicious! After we had finished eating we walked to a big shopping mall in the city centre. On the way we ate English apple turnovers (Apfeltaschen). We saw a lot of Eastbourne and I have to say it is one of the most beautiful cities I have been to. It is definitely worth a visit!

Life in an English hostfamily

We travelled to Eastbourne one week before the autumn holidays. In the evening we arrived at a meeting point outside of Eastbourne where our hostfamilies picked us up. Our accommodation was a small typical English house. We had breakfast and dinner in the hostfamiliy and they gave us packed lunch every day. It was a shame that we could not have a traditional English Breakfast, though.

Nevertheless the room was comfortable and we had another group of three girls in the house. We also had a lot of privacy and that was nice. All in all it was a great experience.

A trip to London – one of my favourite days

On our second day in England we went to London by bus. This day we had to get up very early and after a long bus ride we finally arrived in London. There we wanted to visit some typical sights like Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace and The Tower of London.

When we arrived at the O2 Arena we took the Tube westbound to downtown. We arrived at Tower Bridge. There we took some photos and walked to a market where you can buy food from different continents. After that we went to Covent Garden. That was our meeting point for our freetime. During our freetime we could do what we wanted and we went shopping and ate some cookies and burgers.

Afterwards we visited Big Ben, London Eye and Buckingham Palace. Finally we took the Tube eastbound back to the O2 Arena. Back in Eastbourne we ate pasta with Bolognese sauce at our hostfamily’s house.

Trip to Brighton

At 9 o’clock we started our trip in Eastbourne and went to Brighton by bus. When we arrived we first visited the Royal Pavilion. After that we had a lot of freetime and got into groups to see more of the city. Brighton is beautiful, which is located by the sea. There is a shopping mall and a peer which is pretty famous. Like in Eastbourne the peer has a hall where you can play games. After a nice day the bus took us back home.

The Royal Pavilion in Brighton

On Wednesday we visited Brighton, and we took a tour through the Royal Pavilion. We all got an audio guide which would lead us through the Royal Pavilion and tell us different things about the place, George IV who was the builder of the palace, and the beautiful architecture of the building. Every room is decorated very nicely, and is different from the others. All of them have their own story but every room is inspired by the Chinese culture. We saw many rooms, like the beautiful dining room, and the music room. We even saw the rooms of William IV and Queen Victoria.

What was also very interesting was to see how the people lived in the past! As an example, George IV was a very hospitable (gastfreundlicher) man. He organised very big festivals, where they ate many varieties of dishes in the big dining room, and talked and had much fun, just like us today!

To make a long story short it was very nice to see the beautiful architecture of the building, and to learn how the people lived back then!

Written by bilingual class 9b